“Gardening Is An Enjoyable Hobby!” Says Raphael Toledano, A Successful Businessman From Denver

There are only a handful of people who manage to take out time from their hectic work schedules to follow their passion; to indulge in various hobbies that give them a sense of satisfaction. Raphael Toledano is a successful businessman from Denver, who has not let anything stop him pursuing the things he values most in life. He has had a keen interest in gardening since childhood, sparked by his father, who he would watch plant different saplings in their small kitchen garden as he grew up.

Even through Raphael Toledano runs somewhat of a business empire today, he always manages to take time out for his hobbies. As well as being highly enjoyable, he finds gardening extremely rewarding. Gardening enables you to get closer to nature, whilst enjoying the fruits of your labour (literally!).

Raphael Toledano has an ample garden attached to his home, where he has planted an array of fruit, vegetables and trees. Additionally, there are hundreds of beautiful flower species which come alive at different times of year, as well as the mini nursery in his house for more exotic varieties. These colorful floral offerings look beautiful and accordingly, are used to decorate his home in artful displays.

Raphael Toledano feels that if there’s something that gives you true satisfaction and joy, you need to make time for it. By doing this, we set time aside to appreciate and love ourselves, in the face of any stress we may be experiencing in other areas of our life.