Raphael Toledano- An Adventure Lover and a Talented Entertainer

Performing adventurous activities bring in a new energy in your life and you feel motivated to lead your life enthusiastically. It not only gives you a good break from the monotonous work routine, but also gives you an opportunity to cherish the beauty of Mother Nature. Raphael Toledano– an adventure lover and an entertainer shares his experiences about various adventurous activities. He is a young, talented and passionate individual of 29 years from New Jersey. He is a huge lover of adventure and loves to perform various extreme sports including Paragliding, Paintballing, Zorbing, river rafting, mountain climbing, trekking, etc.

Adventure of Raphael toledano

Adventure of Raphael toledano

Raphael Toledano has completed his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Insititute of Technology, New Jersey, United States. He, in his early age developed love for Mother nature and had never missed a chance to go out and cherish the natural scenic views. He is passionate about mountain biking and river rafting. Additionally, he is a great entertainer. He has performed in various dramas and competitions held at the school and college level. He also represented his college on a state level and stood second runner up.

Raphael Toledano believes taking part in all these fun activities not only gives you a golden opportunity to appreciate the magnificence of the environment, but also fills in a new energy in you. These fun activities require little courage and skills. In a case, you are doing it for the first time, professionals would be always there to assist you so that you do not end up hurting yourself.


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