Know Nature with Raphael Toledano- A Nature Lover and a Traveler

It can be said that life and nature are interrelated to each other. Life is a phenomenon and a process that drives lives, whereas, nature is a process that defines how life interact within the circle of existence. If we take time to gaze the natural things around us, we would be amazed to see mind arresting natural scenes and views.

Raphael Toledano is a nature lover and has immense love and appreciation for the Mother Nature. He is a resident of Rhode Island, United States and has been serving as an Assistant Principal in one of the reputed schools of Rhode Island. He is a young, talented and enthusiastic 42 years individual who brings his years of knowledge and experience to the table. He is passionate about travelling to new places to adore the beauty of Nature.

Raphael tolendo

Raphael Toledano has had the pleasure to visit the several beautiful places in the World including Istanbul, Paris, Maldives, Dubai, Rome, Beijing , Barcelona, etc. Raphael strongly believes one who is attuned with nature is attuned to the practice of living. Believing so, he has always contributed towards preserving the natural resources of nature. Moreover, he encourages his students also to keep the environment clean so that we can survive in a healthy manner.

Raphael Toledano says mother nature has given us so much to admire and it becomes our prime responsibility to save our environment so that the beauty of Nature can be adored.


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