Know About the Beautiful Places To Visit in the Istanbul From a Fervent Traveler – Raphael Toledano

Istanbul is a famous city known for its historical peninsulas, eye pleasing natural beauties and as a magnificent city that has been capital to many civilizations. It is also a beautiful place where Asia and Europe meets. It embraces Europe on the one hand and Asia on the other. When you take a tour in Istanbul, you will catch hold of various natural and historical wonders every minute.

Raphael Toledano is a passionate traveler from Oregon, United States who has visited numerous places in the world. He has a keen interest and fervor for traveling to new places all around the world. Raphael Toledano has been just 32 years old and he has had a privilege to visit as many as 55 beautiful places in the world. In this article, Raphael Toledano has shared his experience about his visit to one of the beautiful and incredible place in the world- Istanbul.

Istanbul was founded during Neolithic times and is a modern city that is known worldwide for its rich heritage, mosques, cathedrals and ancient bazaars. It offers an aura of intrigue and charm that will arrest the mind of the visitors. Among many tourist attractions, Galata Tower, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Chora Church and Grand Bazaar are among the top highlights of the city. Likewise, there are many more favorable places that can please your eyes and soothe your mind with refreshing and beautiful memories that you would cherish throughout your life.


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